Green Bay Packers

Growing up in Green Bay, it was inevitable that I would become a Green Bay Packer fan. However, since I was able to become a season ticket holder and bring up two boys, I have become a "fanatic".

Growing Up

I grew up in the Coach Lombardi and Bart Starr era, but I don't really remember a lot of the games or players while growing up. The one thing I do remember is my dad yelling at the TV so much that the rest of the family would leave the house just to get away.I then had to endure the bad times in the 70's and 80's and even straying to the 49ers during the Joe Montana and Jerry Rice years while I was in the Air Force. However, since moving back to Green Bay it just became natural to once again be a Packer fan.

The 90's

I still remember the day it was announced that Reggie White was signing with the Packers. It was like, finally a big name player said it was okay to come to Green Bay and it was the start of good things to come. Brett Favre was traded to the Packers the previous year and was the starting quarterback. In 1995 they made it to the NFC Championship, losing to the Dallas Cowboys. Then in 1996, they set the NFl on fire and made it to (and won) SUper Bowl XXXI. I was able to go to the game and see the victory (see my Super Bowl XXXI page).

Current Packers